Board Calendars And Newsletter Note

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Board Calendars

Elementary Calendar 2015-2016 – Elementary-Calendar

Day 1-5 Calendar – Elementary-Calendar-5-Day-Cycle

Newsletter Note

Instead of publishing a monthly newsletter, we’ll share our learning with you through our Daily Shoot Blog Posts. Check out this link to view these posts and see questions and ideas to help extend this learning at home.

Food Fridays and Family Literacy Day (January 27, 2016)

The link below is an important note about Food Fridays (and another opportunity for you to participate) as well as about Family Literacy Day (and a Pajama Day experience as well as a Snuggle Up And Read event). Please let us know if you have any questions.


Home Practice Information – In Case Of Toileting Accidents

Accidents happen at school. Sometimes even students that don’t usually have them, might, for a variety of reasons. It would really help us out, if you could practise these skills with your child at home:

  • Knowing the order for taking off and putting on new clothes. This includes being able to take off and put on his/her shoes.
  • Knowing how to do up buttons, snaps, and zippers.
  • Knowing how to wipe themselves. Many children only like having bowel movements at home, but sometimes they happen at school. Being able to wipe, using the appropriate amount of toilet paper, is really important.
  • Knowing how to flush the toilet.
  • Knowing how to pick up, and put down, the seat.

Sometimes it helps to have children practice using a doll or a stuffed animal. Your child could even draw pictures or try to write out the steps for toileting, that you can then place on your bathroom wall at home. These could help, and would also be a meaningful reason to write and practice fine motor skills (through drawing).

Thanks for your help with this!

Aviva and Nayer